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Kintamani Volcano Bali - Full Day Kintamani Tour Itinerary


Kintamani Volcano Bali - Full Day Kintamani Tour Itinerary can also be identified as Bali Kintamani Volcano Tour, it is principally and essentially the most ordered one-day tour options in Bali island for usually locals and also foreigners to take pleasure from the beautiful sight of Mount Batur as well as Lake Batur.


Kintamani Bali Volcano Tour could possibly be one of the outstanding full day trips in Bali Indonesia to visit Kintamani Village.

The Kintamani tour itinerary | Full day Bali Kintamani volcano tours is a perfect choice for you to get a wonderful holiday in Bali.

Kintamani is exactly positioned in the northern part of the Bali island, Indonesia, it is notably defined as a viewpoint to get a wonderful surroundings of the Lake Batur (the primary lake of Bali, Indonesia) as well as the one of Bali's active volcano, the Mount Batur (Indonesian: Gunung Batur).

Kintamani volcano or often referred to as Mount Batur, that has an altitude of 1,717 m (5,633 feet), is a strong volcano in Bali island together with the Agung volcano which is nearly 19 km from the Batur volcano.

In 1804 was the first of all recorded of the Mount Batur's eruption. It is a distinguished tourism spot and the tourism destination for sunrise treks all in all highlands of Bali island.

The magnificent panorama of the volcanic caldera of Batur is one among the prime landmarks of the eye-catching mountain span. 

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The Itinerary of Kintamani Tour | Full Day Tours to Visit Bali Volcano

  1. Watch Barong & Keris Dance Performance in Batubulan Village
  2. To Visit Gold & Silver Works in Celuk Village
  3. To Visit Bali Elephant Cave Temple (Goa Gajah Temple)
  4. To Visit A Holy Spring Temple (Tirta Empul Temple)
  5. To have Lunch in a Restaurant in Kintamani
  6. To Visit The Luwak Coffee Plantations
  7. To Visit The Archaeological Sites (Gunung Kawi Temple)


All the Bali tours including this one-day Kintamani Tours offer will be accompanied by a professional Bali driver who will guide & drive you to see the best interesting places in Bali.

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